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Flagstone Rock And Pavers For Atlanta's Landscape

Tennessee Crab Orchard Flagstone Delivery

We carry flagstone for paving, stepping stones, or laying a patio from 1/2 in. to 4-inch thickness.

For all your Atlanta flagstone needs from construction, fencing to the simple use of landscape materials for a natural look right here in Atlanta, flagstone is the perfect stone for the project. Our company has been operating for nearly 40 years so we can save you hours by letting you use our friendly employees’ helpful repertoire of knowledge. Whatever flagstone you need, we’re bulk suppliers of it all, including the more durable and resilient option of Pennsylvania bluestone. We know how to help provide you with our products to help your landscape look natural and filled in with stone. Our hardscape can be used as flagstone stepping stones (including flagstone for patio). See the next step you can take to bring your garden to life. For a different, new look at a reasonable price, give us a call and we’ll supply in bulk for your patios, landscaping, or yard.

Our Natural Flagstone Is Perfect For Pavers, Patios, and Pathways


Flagstone path going through grass for a walkway.


Flagstone steps from Atlanta Landscape Materials.

Retaining Wall

An image of a retaining wall made out of flagstone with a garden at the top.

Pool Deck

A picture of a pool deck made out of flagstone pavers.

Water Feature

A picture of a water feature made out of flagstone.

The Best Selection Of Quality Flagstone Stepping Stones At Competitive Prices

Our selection of flagstone for stepping stones or patios ranges from Tennessee Crab Orchard Flagstone to Pennsylvania Bluestone. We have sizes from 1/2 in. thin veneer to thick slabs. Sedimentary rock is quarried to get you the material you need for whatever yard project you’re planning. Our stone sizes range from 36 in. x 24 in. to 12 in. square pieces. Our full color selection hits gray-blue, gray-green, to a nice standard gray-brown. Quality material for the best price. Our flagstone options give you anything from hard, durable bluestone to the affordable softer Tennessee Crab Orchard Flagstone. The area around Atlanta is a great place to buy stone products, and we’re the best supplier for any hardscaping project. See how your yard is transformed to the popular look of hardscape among your landscape. We offer bulk sales to contractors and businesses alike. To save time and start early, call us for support and advice.

Top 7 Ways To Incorporate Flagstone Into Your Landscape:

  1. Patio Flooring
  2. Pool Decking
  3. Retaining Wall
  4. Decorative Planters
  5. Garden Edging
  6. Water Features
  7. Walkways
A picture of a fire pit made out of flagstone pavers from Atlanta Landscape Materials.

Atlanta Landscape Materials Has Pennsylvania Bluestone And Tennessee Crab Orchard Flagstone For Your Landscaping Project

The supplier you need for stone material, whether a contractor, we supply the best bulk selection for your exterior design. Flagstone is a flat type of stone for walkways, walls, steps, roads, or pavers, making your yard beautiful. See how our products provide you a great new look in the Atlanta, Georgia Area. As a supplier of hardscape, stone, soil, and natural landscape supplies, we offer flagstone pavers, first-class options to get the popular look of stone walkways or a stone landscape. We have all sorts of options for your landscaping project. Patios of flagstone, natural options for any job you’re working on. So if you’re wondering where to buy flagstone for your projects, call us today.

Contact Us To Buy On-Site Or Have Your Natural Flagstone Delivered Today

Bulk options of stones for fireplaces, patios, stone steps and walkways, that you can pick up in-store or have delivered to your door. Pavers make a great choice for decorating a small road or yard or to make a stone patio. Flagstone projects require minimal maintenance after installation and offer reliable landscaping options. Awesome and beautiful design at affordable cost, with delivery to your door on top. Whether used for patios, fireplaces, or any other landscaping projects, we offer affordable products with delivery available. If you’re a contractor looking for a place to buy hardscape for a landscaping project a client has you undertaking, contact us during business hours for a great experience with our friendly staff.

A picture of flagstone crabapple slabs at Atlanta Landscape Materials.

Flagstone is a generic term for flat, quarried sedimentary rock often used in landscaping or construction.

Flagstone is dug out of a quarry, whereas fieldstone is found either on the surface or directly below it, in the soil. This results in different appearances, textures, and shapes.

A full pallet of flagstone weighs between 3500-4000 lbs. or 1 3/4 to 2 tons. This meets our requirements for delivering hardscape.

Crab Orchard Flagstone

Crab Orchard Slabs
Thick Crab Orchard
A picture of standard crabapple flagstone pavers.
Standard Crab Orchard
A picture of thin crabapple landscaping flagstone.
Thin Crab Orchard
Crab Orchard Strip Rubble

Tennessee Flagstone

Standard Thickness (1.5″ – 2″) Brown/Tan and Gray

A picture of a stack of thin veneer flagstone.
A picture of a stack of thin veneer gray flagstone.
A picture of standard thickness flagstone with concrete grout.
A picture from above of gray irregular flagstone pavers.

Snapped Edge Steppers – Brown/Tan and Gray

(18″x18″, 18″x24″, 24″x24″ and 18″x36″)

Tennessee Rubble – Brown/Tan and Gray

A picture of brown and tan Tennessee rubble flagstone.
Tennessee rubble flagstone picture.
A picture of brown and tan flagstone for landscaping.
Tennessee rubbles in varying lengths for landscaping.

Thin Veneer (.5″ – 1.5″) Brown/Tan and Gray

A picture of three stacks of thin veneer flagstone pieces.

Premium/Slab (2.5″ – 4″)

A stack of premium slab flagstone pavers.

Pennsylvania Blue Stone

Bluestone Sizes Range From 12″ x 12″ to 36″ x 24″

There is a 6″ increment between sizes. We carry a full range of colors including gray-blue to gray-green and gray-brown. 

Pennsylvania Irregular (1″ – 2″)

A picture of a pallet of Pennsylvania blue irregular flagstone slabs.

Pennsylvania Cut Bluestone (1″ – 2″)